Leverage event rates for your hotel


This week the SkyTouch team is at HITEC in Toronto. Whether for business or pleasure, events like this can be big money makers for hotels, if they have the right tools in place. According to Lodging Magazine, “large-event host cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami reaped the benefits of abundant lodging […]

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Power of the Cloud webinar now available On Demand!


The cloud is transforming the hospitality industry in exciting ways, but not everyone understands the direct correlation between the cloud and the new era property management systems (PMS). To show how a cloud-based PMS can reorient hotel operations, SkyTouch Technology partnered with Hotel Management magazine for the webinar titled “Want More From Your PMS? Look […]

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Guide to HITEC 2017 in Toronto


With the industry’s biggest technology and trade conference on the horizon, we wanted to get you set to maximize your time. That’s because making it though HITEC successfully takes a lot of planning, some in the moment inspiration, and a great pair of comfortable shoes. Coming to Toronto’s Metro Toronto Convention Centre June 26- 29, […]

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