Explore the new era of cloud-based Hotel Property Management Systems.

Empower your staff to help improve guest experience and loyalty. Enable management at all levels of the organization. Help optimize revenue generation, cost controls and operational excellence.

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Independent Hotels

Step up to a PMS that makes your hotel easier to manage and allows you and your staff to focus on guests, not complex software and hardware. Stop leaving money on the table due to legacy rate management and inefficient cost controls.

Management Companies

Learn about the property management system that successfully manages 7,000 properties and small to mid-size chains. At that scale, few legacy PMS providers provide the innovative and relevant capabilities of this new era PMS.

Enterprise Brands

Partner with a leader with a proven track record of supporting and sustaining mission critical business applications and operational awareness at the corporate level for a 6,000 property brand.

Mobile Optimized Hotel Management

Ask more from your Hotel Property Management System and provider!

Don’t stay with your legacy PMS just because it is easier to stick than switch. There is a new era of PMS technology, support and responsiveness that is easy to transition, onboard, learn and use. Ask for more — and get it with SkyTouch.

Online Hotel Management

SkyTouch Hotel OS® provides real solutions for real hotel operators. 10 years of experience with 7,000 hotels and no hype.

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The leading-edge of Property Management Systems

Thousands of successful hotel installations worldwide

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Low Cost Hotel PMS

Simple and Intuitive Web Based Hotel PMS Software

SkyTouch Hotel OS is a proven, reliable property management system, and requires no expensive hardware. We believe in flexible software pricing options, tailored to accommodate hoteliers worldwide.

Our property management system is intuitive and easy to use. It works the way you do. With 7,000 hotels and 70,000+ SkyTouch® users, the web-based SkyTouch Hotel OS hotel software system can be deployed with little or no downtime, includes automatic updates and enhancements, and 24/7 US-based support.”.

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