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SkyTouch and Stash Hotel Rewards

How are we integrated? SkyTouch has created a daily extract of required information (see below) that is sent to Stash for participating hotels. This is an automated process and does not require any manual intervention from the hotel. The Stash Daily Data Criteria is Stays Checked Out on the day prior to the processing date, excluding all cancelled reservations.

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The daily data extract format is based on Stash’s Stash Daily Transactions Report (DTR) specifications.

Data fields included in the daily extract include:

Steps necessary to implement the data extract/integration with Stash Hotel Rewards

  1. your hotel needs to have an existing relationship with Stash and be a Stash Partner Hotel.
  2. SkyTouch will create an amendment to the existing agreement.
  3. Hotel needs to execute agreement and return it back to SkyTouch.
  4. SkyTouch initiates internal onboarding process.
  5. SkyTouch alerts Hotel that the integration is completed, and that daily files are transmitting with success.

Onboarding Process should last about 7 days from the moment the executed amendment is received by SkyTouch.

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