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King Hendrick Motel

Lake George, NY

Seasonal Serenity

Sitting across four acres in the heart of Lake George, New York, The King Hendrick Motel features cabin cottages along with traditional standard rooms. The popular family-oriented cottages are ideal for a quiet, relaxing experience away from the crowds.

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Unique cabin cottages in the heart of Lake George, New York

After a winter full of blizzards, many in the Northeast dream of summer. The King Hendrick Motel sits on four acres in the heart of Lake George, New York, and features cabin cottages along with traditional standard rooms. King Hendrick Motel’s unique cabin cottages draw many guests to the property.

"The cottages are very popular,” said Rasheed Bhatti, Owner and General Manager of the King Hendrick Motel Lake George. “These cabins are very family oriented. Each building has two separate cabins, each with two beds."

The cabins include a microwave, refrigerator, WiFi, and cable TV. The King Hendrick Motel also features an outdoor pool that is popular during the property’s open season, between May and October.

Bhatti says the majority of his guests come from the tri-state area: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, although he says he does get quite a bit of business from Quebec. The King Hendrick Motel is just three miles from the historic Lake George village. The location makes it ideal for visitors hoping for a quiet experience away from the crowds.

“Lots of families come here, because it is sort of like a cheap vacation,” said Bhatti. “All of a sudden Thursday comes and people make those last-minute bookings. That makes July and August very, very busy around here.”

Since the King Hendrick Motel’s revenue comes solely during the spring, summer and early fall, the fact that SkyTouch offers seasonal pricing to customers like Bhatti is a huge benefit for him. “Once the season opens up it’s just amazingly busy,” said Bhatti. “I count on SkyTouch to make a big impact on the property.”

Bhatti says he stays competitive since his rates are much lower than the neighboring Marriott. But before SkyTouch, Bhatti says he had to manage his rates and do other back-office work by hand.

“I did a lot of paperwork, check-ins, check-outs,” said Bhatti. “I like the whole setup with SkyTouch, how it keeps the records and the bookkeeping. It’s an impressive system.”

The King Hendrick Motel is currently undergoing renovations in preparation for open season. Bhatti is also adding new deluxe cabins that he hopes will help increase the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for his property. “The deluxe cabins will be very large,” said Bhatti. “By the time I am done, there will be a total of 45 units.”

Core Challenges

  • Seasonal peaks of business making it difficult to afford a year-round PMS contract
  • Consistently having to change and update rates manually
  • Overwhelming amounts of paperwork with records and bookkeeping

SkyTouch Hotel OS Solution

  • Seasonal pricing options available
  • Automated revenue management helps increase the bottom line
  • 100% cloud-based and online, minimizing human error


  • Increased revenue during peak seasons
  • Automated rate management ensures a competitive advantage
  • Trackable history of bookkepping and records

I count on SkyTouch to make a big impact on the property.

Rasheed Bhatti

Owner and GM, King Hendrick Motel