SkyTouch Hotel OS — Your Future Hotel PMS

Jays Inn and Suites

Manitoba, CAN

Manitoba Hotel Modernized

Jays Inn and Suites located in Manitoba, Canada is a 20-year-old, 40-room property. With the addition of SkyTouch, the hotel has modernized its technology to increase profitability.

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Core Challenges

  • Limited and inflexible interfaces
  • Manual rate setting
  • Zero remote access, limiting hotel management

SkyTouch Hotel OS Solution

  • Cloud-based remote access
  • Flexible, automated rate management
  • Streamline employees' daily tasks


  • Maximized rate opportunities and the ability to update anytime, anywhere
  • A raise in occupancy during slower business periods
  • Elimination of on-site expensive hardware
  • Increased employee efficiency

Changing rates is a breeze now, before it was very labor intensive. But the ability to adjust rates on the fly with remote access is the biggest advantage.

Dylan Clarke

General Manager of Jays Inn and Suites, Manitoba, Canada