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Cobblestone Hotels & Suites

Newton, IL

Newton, IL Hotel Gains Empowerment

Located in the small town of Newton, IL, this 37-room hotel is a part of the Cobblestone Hotels family of properties located primarily in the Midwest. SkyTouch Technology provides GM confidence and career empowerment by providing a flexible, easy to use system also loved by employees.

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Located in the small town of Newton, IL, this three-year-old hotel is the only branded hotel in town and offers ‘Big city quality’ perfect for business travelers, vacation fun, and relaxation seekers. Steve Baggett, GM of Cobblestone Hotels & Suites looked to SkyTouch Technology to help increase staff satisfaction and performance overall.

Core Challenges

  • High staff turnover
  • Continuous staff training on a myriad of tasks
  • Poor report pulling and time-consuming rate management

SkyTouch Hotel OS Solution

  • Online and in-person training to improve employee knowledge, decreasing turnover
  • Automated revenue management rules ensure the hotel is always achieving the best rate
  • Cloud-based mobility and robust reporting decreases costs and increases accuracy of property financials


  • Ease of use, resulting in a happy staff and less turnover
  • Better reporting to allocate daily tasks and stay on top of the property's financial health
  • Ability to change rates across ALL channels, improving bottom line

I like it all, everything the system offers is great and it's so easy to learn.

Steve Baggett

GM of Cobblestone Hotels &Suites, Newton, IL