Stop Human Trafficking Now!

Human Trafficking. Torn pieces of paper with the words Human Trafficking. Concept Image. Black and White. Closeup.

The human trafficking crisis has burst into the American consciousness during the last few years. What was once happening in the shadows, and behind closed doors in places such as hotels, is now getting a bright spotlight shown on this catastrophe. And its making people act. The International Labour Organization estimates there are 40.3 million victims of […]

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Importance of EMV for Hotels, Webinar Coming November 8!


With Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) quickly becoming the global standard for chip-based transactions, credit card data is no longer being stored at the PMS level, but rather tokenized. Why is this important? Through interfaces on SkyTouch Technology’s cloud-based hotel management system, hoteliers can process EMV payments to help prevent the fraudulent use of stolen card […]

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The Top 4 Reasons Your Bed and Breakfast Needs Reservation Software

Bed and Breakfast Sign

If you own a bed and breakfast, chances are that you love making a personal connection with those who stay in your establishment. Bed and Breakfast-style inns can offer what many big hotel chains can’t: a sense of history and nostalgia with a special touch. But while many who choose to stay at B and […]

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The Top 5 Lodging Business Trends and How to Leverage Them

Hotel Software Trends

The hotel industry is a forever morphing beast. Fads come and go – think, computer keyboards for hotel room TVs – and that sometimes costs hotel owners a lot of money for little payback. But there are changes in this business expected to be long term trends. Trends that we believe should generally be followed […]

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How the Micros data breach shows how a cloud based PMS may help

hotel pms security

This week, Oracle notified its customers that it had detected malicious code in certain legacy MICROS systems. With data breaches making big headlines over the past several years, the threat of stolen data remains real for individuals and the hotels they share their consumer information with. In fact, 42% of hoteliers identified “creating a secure framework for […]

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Help Improve Guest Security with Cloud-Based PMS Software

Credit card data security

We all remember the massive credit card breaches at well-known national retailers over the last few years. These breaches were a public relations, financial, and legal nightmare, resulting in millions of dollars in lost sales and possible long-term brand damage. From a hospitality point of view, simply hoping that your hotel won’t be affected is […]

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