Monetize Your Hotel Guest Check-In

Businessman is arrived in hotel and is checking-in

Hotels are now charging guests more than ever before. But in many markets, new hotel construction is eating away at demand and lowering overall occupancy. That makes it more difficult to continue increasing rates at the same pace as the last several years. According to R. Mark Woodworth, Senior Managing Director of CBRE Hotels’ Americas […]

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Arm Your Hotel Against Softening Occupancy


The old cliché is right: all good things do come to an end. But that doesn’t mean all endings are negative. Endings sometimes push us to change tactics in new and interesting ways perhaps not previously explored. And that opens opportunity. One “good thing” predicted to come to an end for hoteliers: continued lofty occupancy […]

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Hotel 101: Understanding Occupancy


We’re getting back to basics to help you better understand the critical metrics we use in the hospitality industry necessary to measuring performance. To fully maximize hotel performance, we use several specific terms including RevPAR, ADR and Occupancy; each of which we’ll discuss during the next few weeks. This week we’re discussing occupancy, a seemingly […]

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Defending Your Hotel’s Occupancy in an Inconsistent Market


The hotel industry has been breaking records for so long – years, in fact! – that we’ve almost conditioned ourselves to believe the good times will never end. But evidence is suggesting it’s time to think about mounting a strong defense so you can continue to play great offense. One thing to keep in mind […]

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STR Report: Occupancy rates predicted to drop. Here’s how to help stay ahead of the curve.


Street Corner Sales Tactics With occupancy predicted to drop by STR Global in 2017 for the first time since the Great Recession, plus an easing of RevPAR growth to a predicted 2.3 percent, the hotel industry is facing its first speed bump in years. That doesn’t mean you should sit back and let the decline own you. The hotel business […]

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