Summer is Around the Corner – Is your Hotel High-Season Ready?


Is your hotel optimized for maximum revenue this summer season? All indications are the 2017 summer travel season is going to be scorching hot for hoteliers. It’s exciting news, but also a warning to hoteliers without the proper technology in place to ensure their hotels run smoothly during the busiest time of the year. If […]

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How an easy to learn PMS is helping University students learn hotel efficiency


While the SkyTouch Hotel OS® is known for helping hoteliers operate their properties more efficiently, it’s being used creatively in other places too. At universities, it’s helping with some of the unique operational facets of campus hotels. But one flavor of Skytouch’s easy-to-learn property management system is also being used in the classroom. The cloud […]

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Rate Check: How a Small ADR Lift Makes Big Bottom Line Difference 


Since the end of the Great Recession, the U.S. hotel industry has been experiencing unprecedented growth. According to CBRE, 2016 ended with hotels achieving a higher historical occupancy than at any other time in history. And that’s with more hotels than ever before too. You’ve experienced it at your hotels. Those crowded breakfast bars, myriad daily arrivals and departures, all fueled by a seemingly unyielding thirst for travel from […]

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Power of the Cloud PMS Webinar Coming March 16!


While traditional, premise based PMS systems, are still loved by many users, the next generation of property management systems are here. And leveraging the power of the internet through what’s commonly called the cloud is giving hoteliers more functionality, flexibility and control over their hotel than ever before. Rather, than having the PMS’s brains within […]

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Defending Your Hotel’s Occupancy in an Inconsistent Market


The hotel industry has been breaking records for so long – years, in fact! – that we’ve almost conditioned ourselves to believe the good times will never end. But evidence is suggesting it’s time to think about mounting a strong defense so you can continue to play great offense. One thing to keep in mind […]

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