Your Customer is Changing. Here’s Why You Must Change Too.

The typical hotel customer is changing. Technology, social shifts and other consumer trends are combining to create a new class of customer; one that’s savvy, has increased expectations, and knows exactly what they want. To keep up, hoteliers must arm themselves with the latest strategies capitalizing on current and emerging hospitality trends. We know; you […]

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The Top 5 Lodging Business Trends and How to Leverage Them

Hotel Software Trends

The hotel industry is a forever morphing beast. Fads come and go – think, computer keyboards for hotel room TVs – and that sometimes costs hotel owners a lot of money for little payback. But there are changes in this business expected to be long term trends. Trends that we believe should generally be followed […]

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How to surprise your hotel guests and keep them coming back for more

Happy Hotel Guests

The hotel business needs human connection more than ever. As society continues to become more and more powered by technology, there’s a big risk of losing the personal element that’s defined hospitality for millennia. It doesn’t have to be that way.  But you must approach this new era strategically. The main problem: encroaching technology has […]

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Stop wasting more time than necessary training employees

Employee training costs

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee turnover rate for the hospitality industry was 6.3% in May and 6.0% in June? If that trend were to continue, that would be an annualized percentage of 73.8%. When compared to the 3.45% turnover rate for the same time compared to all […]

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