Be Agile, Part 1: The SkyTouch Technical Model

SkyTouch Technical

This is the first in a series of articles that explore how the SkyTouch technical team is changing how hotel software is made, released, and imagined today. The SkyTouch performance standards are evident not only in the product that’s delivered. They’re present in the entire process through which SkyTouch Hotel OS® features are developed for […]

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How 3rd Party Platforms Are Changing The Tech Landscape

3rd Party Platforms Tech - SkyTouch

When programmer and analyst Chuck Haaker thinks back on the 40 years he’s programmed hospitality software, he can feel how much the process has changed. “When I got into the business back in the 70s, it was very much paper-oriented,” he remembers. “We maxed-out our mainframe. We had two machines coupled together because we needed […]

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Future Hotel PMS Following the RISE Principle

Future Hotel PMS RISE - SkyTouch Hotel OS

SkyTouch Technology has just released our new video that explains how our Hotel OS™ was built for the cloud, and introduces our RISE Principle. Many property management systems have been modified for today’s marketplace by taking their old equipment and adapting it to use with new technologies. SkyTouch Technology natively built its Hotel Operating System […]

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