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Number of rooms cleaned each day
Cost of housekeeping labor per hourFor a single housekeeper
Time to clean a roomAverage minutes per room
Time spent communicating room statusAverage minutes per room
Number of housekeepers
Estimated cost to clean a room
Estimated housekeeping costsTotal daily cost

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For housekeeping, it was phenomenal because they have a little tablet in the back and up until that point it was always, they had to call in the rooms. We wouldn’t know if the room was ready until we heard from them. They didn’t call in every room because that was getting to be a little annoying when you only have one person on the desk. It was always updated on the tablet so which rooms are ready to go."

Lori Andrew, CBVI, Calgary, Alberta

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Without SkyTouch

Check in with housekeeping manager

Get list of rooms to clean

Go clean room

Call housekeeping office with updates

Housekeeping notifies front desk

Front desk marks room clean and ready for guest ...

Go clean next room ...

With SkyTouch

Check mobile housekeeping device

Clean room

Mark room ready on device

Clean next room

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